Super Hot Pornstar to say the very least!

She has absolutely no need for any formal introduction, were talking about Pornstar Amy Reid. That like talking about Hollywood and introducing you Joe Pesci or Tom Hanks LOL. This multiple award winning pornstar said in a TV interview I think about two weeks ago, that she absolutely adores doing live porn, she loves it because she knows that there are hundreds of thousands of her fans that are watching her while she is getting penetrated. And the only feeling in her mind that she knows that there are thousands of guides having multiple orgasms while watching her just literally turns her on. These are her words not mine, I’m going to link you to the actual interview so you can hear with your own ears exactly what she said.

amy reid pornstar live

Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight: 116 lbs (53 kg)
Measurements: 34DD-23-35
Hair: Brown/Auburn/Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Personal Details:
Age: 29 years OLD
Date of Birth: April 15, 1985
Astrological Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany
Ethnicity: German
Race: Caucasian/Asian

Additional info:
Tattoos: Band around left bicep; right middle finger
Piercings: Navel; right nostril
Aliases: Devin Valencia; Amy Ried; Amy
Started in 2003 at approx 18 years old

However she is not the only adult model that has claimed that this is a total turn on for them and I’m not just talking about other colleagues but the hottest adult models that give the network that were talking about the nameHottest Pornstars Shows. It’s a matter of fact if you search dose three words on Google “BANG” you’ll see it come up right there on top, the website that were talking about and that I have placed a contextual link in this paragraph for you to click on and visit eventually obviously if you want to.

Another thing that I would like to talk to you about today is that they have a new website, that was recently launched and is considered a new flagship of their network and offers Pornstars solo shows. You get access to this website and all the live shows that happen on a daily basis at no cost to you if you are already a member of any other website of the network.

Naughty Amy confessed she loves making live porn videos

I’m 33 years old and therefore I was young enough to say that I was born in the Internet explosion., Where practically the .com craze started off when I was a teenager. I remember the very first time that I actually used the computer to navigate over the Internet and that was in 1992, at that time the most popular search engine and to be honest the only one that I knew was AOL search, Google was not yet even thought off and Microsoft was making software and certainly wasn’t thinking about the Internet yet. However they were porn websites, however not like we see them today, and to be honest Hot Pornstars on Cam having sex, in other words live porn videos were absolutely unthought off.


22 years later here we are and the Internet is flooded with WebCam porn websites, but still today 2014 there is only one network that actually does offer you Live Pornstars on Webcam, that website I blinked twice in this blog post, that website have an exclusive with the most famous pornstars and adult models that everybody knows, the ones that are in those blockbuster porn videos and that give everybody big boners day after day LOL.

I’ll leave it short, I won’t say that much, but it looked like I’m pushing you to try it while I’m not to be honest, what I’m doing is letting you know about it and maybe you should visit the website by clicking on one of the links that I have posted in this article and make your own point of view, see if this is something that you could be interested in if not click often go on your way.

Amy hotter than ever when doing live porn videos!

Well it is a fact Pornstar Amy Reid is considered one of the top five most popular and love adult actresses in activity right now, along with her there are four more others that can be considered above the rest and I’m sure that you all know the others are, they are no better but nothing less than Amy, they are just as capable as Amy, they are just as filthy as Amy, they are just as good at handling cock just like Amy, so these are the four must be extremely good at what they do LOL.

So hands held many of you have seen these WebCam Porn Movies over at… When they said that to me four months ago and I still get had to see what was going on over there, I have to admit that I did not waste time, I signed up taking the free trial, that way I got to see a free show, a live show without having to put my credit card on the table, without having to pay or better still pre-pay, all I had to do was give them my email and from there check out what they had to offer for I even made the next move.


That day performing was Pornstar Lisa Ann and I’m sure you all know who she is, as she is just as famous as Amy and has been around for a very long time. There I realize that live porn is simply the next thing, something that is totally on a different level, and something that is definitely the future in porn in general.

Amy Reid says she loves even more doing “LIVE” porn videos than anything else!

All I have to say is Amy Reid on at all that I have said is old news as she has been present and have been doing live porn videos on that website and on that network quite a few months now, but you really have to break the news well so that everybody that is a big fan of Amy will actually find out will actually figure it out will actually go to that website and see for themselves what it is all about. People think that live porn the same thing as watching porn on a porn to such as or any of the other major porn tubes that are present today on the Internet, however is not true in any formal way whatsoever, live porn totally a different category, it is a flight of stairs above and beyond anything else that the adult entertainment industry can possibly propose to that viewers.

amy reid cherrypimps

You can’t talk and have an opinion until you see least one of these Live Pornstars Shows and I mean it doesn’t have to be with Amy, it can be with any of the fantastic 900+ porn stars that this network has put together in exclusive and have them in rotation to live porn for everybody to join and watch. If you take in consideration that last time that I posted was like a month and a half ago network that were talking about at 700,000 members today after 45 days it has close to 2 million members, something tells me that this is not just the trend or some fashion this is a solid reality where watching live sex happening is the real thing, it is the adult entertainment of the future.

However you can check out some of Amy Reid Live Porn Videos right here and you don’t even have to sign up you don’t have to be a member to watch thisy I like this network, because they have absolutely nothing to hide, they want you to see what they offer and they want you to see the prices as well before you put in your credit card numbers. Did you know that it costs to watch one live porn video that lasts close to two hours, and talking about 120 minutes of live sex costs less than a gallon gas, costs less than a coffee that you could buy at Starbucks, it costs half that to be honest because we’re talking about less than two dollars to watch one of those shows, how about that?!!

Mrs Reid going strong with her live porn shows on

Mrs. Reid? To be honest I don’t know if she’s married or not, however I don’t see that a lot of the porn stars all married, a lot of them do get married when they’re about to end their career, but she surely is not ending her career, she’s in her prime right now and she as many of you already know is one of the many Cherry Pimps Pornstars that has sex on live WebCam in front of hundreds of thousands of registered members that watch her shows that are basically live porn videos because what she’s doing, and what all the other porn stars on this network do is create a porn video with the only difference that this porn video is uncut, it lasts for an average of two hours, and obviously it’s live and therefore spontaneous and continuous, trust me it’s a piece of work!

amy reid cherrypimps

I’ve already seen two of her Live Pornstar Videos and she should be going back on this coming week and therefore I am actually counting the days, because the first two shows were absolutely incredible she is 10 times better when live than she is when she’s on porn videos that are recorded, and if you take in consideration that she is incredible on all her porn videos, you can only imagine what she is like live!

I just popped in to say hello and if you are interested in watching your favorite porn star doing Live Porn Shows and I don’t just mean the gorgeous Mrs. Reid, but also keep in mind that there are over 1000 porn stars listed on this network and that come in on rotation and have sex in the studios while there is a WebCam filming everything, this is something that you have to see at least wants to understand what I’m talking about, and I am 100% convinced that after you’ve seen a glimpse of one show you will want to see many many more after that!

Amy’s Tropical Dress Comes Off

Looks like Amy Reid has gone tropical… That’s a pretty tropical dress she has on… but Amy Reid likes being naked. It’s her natural state.

So Amy Reid likes to take off her clothes as quickly as she can…

amy reid tropical dress boobies

And when she does, my lord, she has the most beautiful breasts we’ve ever seen on a woman… And we’ve seen a lot of topless chicks!

Yeah, Amy Reid has got to be at the very top of the list!

amy reid tropical dress boobies2

Amy Reid Finger Banging Herself

When a chick like Amy Reid gets horny she loves nothing more than to spread her legs and get it on…. But when Amy Reid doesn’t have a cock to fuck or even a fake cock to fuck, she always has her fingers… And you know every woman can work magic with their fingers!

Amy Reid spreads her legs and starts playing with her pussy…

amy reid spreading her pussy lips

She’ll get off quickly in record time! Amy Reid always does!

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